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Imaging nearby supermassive black holes and their immediate neighborhoods with (sub)millimeter-VLBI

主 讲 人 :路如森    研究员


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Imaging nearby supermassive black holes andtheir immediate neighborhoods provides a new astrophysical laboratory to testgeneral relativity in a strong gravitational field regime and probe thephysical processes of mass accretion and jet genesis on event horizon scales.Very Long Baseline Interferometry at (sub)millimeter wavelengths offers thehighest spatial resolution achievable in astronomy. In recent years, mm-VLBI,represented by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), has made unprecedentedprogress towards imaging nearby supermassive black holes. The recent release ofthe first-ever black hole image and its polarized structure by the EHTcollaboration marks a new culmination of decades of global effort, whichprovides the first visual evidence for the existence of black holes and adirect test of general relativity in a strong field. In this talk, I willdiscuss some recent progress and future opportunities in imaging the centralengines of nearby Active Galactic Nuclei.


I received my Ph.D. in experimental physicsfrom University of Cologne, Germany in 2010 and in astrophysics from ShanghaiAstronomical Observatory (SHAO) in 2011. Before joining SHAO in 2018, I was a postdoc associate at MIT and astaff scientist at Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. My main researchinterests lie in the area of high-resolution studies of nearby supermassiveblack holes and jets with Very Long Baseline Interferometry. At (sub)millimeterwavelengths, this technique allows us to directly image nearby supermassiveblack holes. During the past few years, I have worked actively withcollaborators on high-resolution studies of the two nearby supermassive blackholes (Sgr A* and M87) that are best suited for black hole imaging, including capturingthe first image of a black hole at the center of  M87.

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